Fire Erik Nelson!



Once again a pig of a human being hides behind the tag line “comedy”.  There is absolutely no excuse for this trash and the fact that Huffington moved fast to remove this blurb doesn’t end their responsibility. Of course Huffington tried to remove all evidence including the cached file, too late.


Erik Nelson - Huffington Post

This isn’t Erik’s first attempt at his form of “comedy”. Some of his other hilarious work:

What Would Jesus Spank To?

Jesus of course would never masturbate to naked pictures of Miss California winner Carrie Prejean. He has some dignity unlike this Bible-loving hypocrite. Today naked pictures of her were released and in response, I’d like to change her name to “Carrie Pre-cum in my Jeans.”

Or this little ditty:

Creating Stem Cells without Hurting Embryos Kills All the Fun

Now that the New York Times reports Dr. James Thomson and colleagues have discovered a way to create stem cells without killing human embryos, scientists will have to find another evil way to get their sadistic kicks. Many scientists had hoped they would one day create life so that they could destroy it. Those dreams have been crushed. The UN World Health Organization has officially dropped the course “Torturing Microscopic Babies for Fun and Profit.”

Clearly Erik is a frustrated hateful little man. You sir pig are no one that people will ever respect, nor will they think your diatribes are funny. They are not.

Your mother must be so proud.

Arianna Huffington, you should be ashamed of youself.


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