ACORN – Whoring out the poor

bloomacornWhen are people going to wake up? ACORN and groups like ACORN (LaRaza, etc.) are businesses and as such will continue to act in the best interest of their bottom line. They are in the business of whoring out the poor. These groups are run by wealthy mostly white businessmen who have no real interest in ridding the world of the poor. The reality is that as long as the poor stay poor, they stay in business.

The American Spectator beautifully lays out the latest stab in the back of the poor people in New York:

The relentlessly sanctimonious Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now may not deserve its carefully cultivated image as a defender of the poor.

That’s because the group has become the leading cheerleader for a controversial real estate development that is slated to use eminent domain to remove the poor people it claims to represent.

ACORN, which has long prided itself on fighting the so-called gentrification of neighborhoods as rising property values force the poor to move, has also taken money from the project’s developer and signed a binding agreement forcing it to stand behind the project no matter what.

Let’s see 2,929 low income households replaced by the possibility of 2,250 new low income units. What happens to the 679 families that will be displaced by this deal struck by ACORN? Just the cost of doing business as far as ACORN is concerned, they’ve just added 679 families to their pool of poor people. But wait, the deal is 2,250 new low income units over 10 years, so in reality they’ve assisted with ousting thousands of poor families in the New York area.


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