$6.2 million in Federal Stimulus funds go to GE – surprised?

O.K., I exaggerated a little. But not really.

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced today that federal funds will be released to go towards Energy Star appliance rebates. Yes, I know there are other manufacturers of Energy Star appliances however a bulk of this money will end up in the GE coffers.

After all only has until 2012 until GE falls off the cliff again, he needs to make as much profit as he can and he’s right on target.

Remember, Jeffrey Immelt is in favor of Globalization and against Buy American. He also feels that the government as a partner, as a financier, as a collaborator will not end for a generation and he’s o.k. with that; “The fact is it’s going to happen“, so why not take advantage of it – right? 

Then of course there’s still the GE – ACORN connection.


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