What our Obamacare will look like


You will laugh, you will cry and then if you’re like me, you’ll bury your head under the covers shaking in fear!

It’s ironic that I ran across this video today as I was at the DMV yesterday and as often happens when you’re trapped with other people, you start chatting. We were all of course wondering why it was taking so long, just as we watched 2 of the 4 clerks leave for their morning break.  I joked with my fellow captives “just wait this is what our healthcare will look like in a year, S252 your appendix is ready”. We all laughed. After watching this video I realize just how true that comment is, fortunately for me it took me less time at the DMV (just under 2 hours) than it took the guys in the video to NOT see a doctor.

It hit home with me when they were in the emergency room and told to “take a number”, which looks eerily like my butchers numbers.

Take 20 minutes out of your life and see what we have to look forward to, then call your Congressman!


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