Arthritis Sufferers – The Doctor Will See You – IN NINE MONTHS!

What is AARP getting in return for supporting this piece of crap healthcarecut bill? The potential damage to our senior population is frightening and it’ being touted by the very people that are supposed to be protecting them. Shame on you AARP.

This article from Daily Mail is timely to be sure, however the comments are the most eye opening.

In 2003, I was 37, healthy & working in the city. I started to suffer from severe pain, inflammation & stiffness in my joints. Joints in toes, fingers, wrists, knees, ankles were inflammed & swollen. The balls of my feet were so inflammed that every step felt like walking on pebbles in bare feet. Could barely eat because my jaw was so painful. My GP didn’t have a clue. He sent me for wrong blood tests (nothing that would show up an arthritic condition) so when the results came back negative, he concluded that ‘it was all in my head’ – by this time I could barely walk. Saw another GP, finally got referred to a specialist Rheumatologist but it had taken 9 mths to get a correct diagnosis and start treatment. Too late – I was too ill to work & haven’t worked since. In 2007, I finally got funding to start one of the new drugs – Humira – it has changed my life. I am now trying to find suitable employment & rebuild my life. My GP at the time (in Greenford) was absolutely useless!!

– Anne-Marie, Harrow, Middlesex, 15/7/2009 08:58

Humaira is available in the UK but only once other meds have failed to control the disease.
My fiance waited 8 months to be diagnosed after which, his left foot has become permanently fused in one position.

– Lex, Manchester UK, 15/7/2009 08:44

I have psoriatic arthiritis and other complications and its been a massive struggle over 6 years to get meds. I am now on methotrexate and luflenomide, which is not really helping. The flareups are frequents and the pain is extreme to say the least. Due to complications, I cannot get stronger painkillers than Co hydramol.

My gp was ignorant as many are and often refuse to send one for referal. One can spend a year or more trying useless excercises, visits to a chiropractor etc, which allows the disease to do more damage to one’s joints. A quicker referal is needed in the first instance.

– John, Basildon, 15/7/2009 3:24

To make matters worst, the best drug for this ailmentis is not allowed by the NIH. The drug Humera is the standard treatment in the US, but has been ruled too expensive by the NIH. I wonder if MPs can get it they need it?

– Ray, Gurnee, Il, USA, 15/7/2009 0:18

Our conservative Republicans keep trying to warn the American public that this and worse (305 million pop., plus unknown no. of illegals whom Obama wants included in a national health plan) will happen if the Democrats pass the bill. With their majority, it’s likely to happen. Americans are a nation of sheep – follow the leader. As Churchill said, Americans will do the right thing, but only after they’ve done everything else wrong – or words to that effect. We have to hurt before we know better.

– Carolyn, Sanford, NC USA, 15/7/2009 2:59

Maybe it takes 9 months to navigate through the maze?



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