House Healthcare Bill – They’re Voting On Thursday!

I admit it, I didn’t read the entire bill. Quite frankly there are going to be so many changes and back door deals it would be a waste of time. So here’s what I think are some highlights:

  • Health Choices Commissioner. This is going to be one powerful person
  • Dependents – meaning shall be determined by the Commissioner – this has not yet been determined
  • It sure looks like there is still A LOT of items that will need to be determined by the Commissioner. Since we do not know who this Commissioner will be, this is essentially voting on a blank bill that can be modified in an exceptional manner.
  • No annual or lifetime limits on coverage
  • No cost sharing for preventative services – these are all free
  • Illegal aliens babies will now have insurance from birth (along with their citizenship) and if their parents do not provide them with acceptable insurance within 60 days – the childs benefits will automatically be extended – seemingly until they reach adulthood.
  • It actually does state that “undocumented aliens” are not eligible for coverage
  • Abortion is not specifically mentioned, nor specifically excluded
  • If you do not enroll in an Exchange participating health benefits plan, you will automatically be enrolled in Medcaid
  • If you do not enroll in an Exchange participating health benefits plan, you will also be taxed 2.5% of your adjustable gross income
  • If you make over $350,000 – you’re screwed

Here’s the bill

You really should take a look, if nothing else see how long it would take you to actually read all 1,000+ pages!

WASHINGTON–The healthcare overhaul proposal offered Tuesday by U.S. House of Representatives’ Democrats will include an extra 5.4% tax on those earning more than $1 million.

One congressional aide said that would bring the top tax rate for the wealthy to 45%.

An additional tax of 1% would be levied on those couples earning more than $350,000. Those with $500,000 incomes would pay an extra 1.5%, according to the legislative documents. Increases could be triggered in 2013 to 2.0% and 3.0%, respectively. The millionaires’ tax would remain at 5.4%, according to legislative documents.

The House Ways and Means Committee has scheduled debate and votes are due begin Thursday.

Now I realize it’s been a week or so since we heard Pelosi say that the bill would be read and that “ample” time would be given for public review. I guess she expects us to take a couple of days off work to read the bill.

THEN there’s the cost:

CBO cost estimate of House health-care bill: A cool trillion over 10 years.

Actually, it’s really a cool trillion over five years. Eyeball the graph Philip Klein posted this afternoon and admire the left’s sleight of hand. They’re using a 10-year timeline to create the illusion that the program costs $100 billion a year or so. In fact, it’ll be more than $200 billion once it gets going, which won’t happen until 2014, and that’s assuming that the cost projections aren’t wildly over-optimistic the way every other projection they’ve made this year has turned out to be. In fact, the trillion-dollar figure doesn’t even account for all expenses; as MKH notes, the CBO has yet to compute “administrative costs” of implementing the program or the effect it’ll have on other areas of federal spending. Still, give The One credit for consistency: Whether it’s borrowing from future generations to pay for the stimulus or hiding the costs of his health-care boondoggle by backloading them, he’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

house bill graph

I have a problem wth the first 2 years having essentially no costs. The administrative costs, reports required by the bill, grants, etc. will be millions of dollars. I guess once we start discussing a trillion dollars it’s just chump change.


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