American Soldier Wants To See The Birth Certificate – YOU’RE FIRED!

 I don’t know if we can say the “Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging pres” – we may (probably) never know. Although the quotes from Dr. Orly Taitz do seem curious at best:

“Grice told plaintiff, in essence, that the situation had become ‘nutty and crazy,’ and that plaintiff would no longer be able to work at his old position,” Taitz wrote.

Grice made clear that it was Defense Security Services that had compelled Simtech to fire Cook, Taitz wrote.

However, we certainly know who made the ultimate decision;

 Simtech, Inc.

According to Manta (emphasis mine):

Simtech Inc is a private company categorized under Aircraft and space vehicle supplies and parts and located in East Granby, CT. Our records show it was established in 1988 and incorporated in Connecticut. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $9,122,520 and employs a staff of approximately 6.

Olav Leite - Chairman

Olav Leite - Chairman

Richard Leite - President

Richard Leite - President

Tom Leite - Vice President

Tom Leite - Vice President







Could it have something to do with this:

Simtech contracts

Simtech has earned over $1.5 Million dollars in Federal contracts since 2002 and we have no idea what they’re working on currently. More interesting is the fact that ALL of the Federal contracts were completed without open/competitive bidding. It doesn’t appear that the Federal government is Simtech’s main/direct source of income according to Aerospace Components Manufacturers (emphasis mine) :

Distributor – exporter of military aircraft products to allied foreign governments.  Also, Simtech supplies military and commercial aerospace components to Volvo Aero, PWBEC, DAe Systems, Autoflug and SAAB.  Simtech is ISO 9001:2000/AS9120 certified.  With an international perspective, Simtech employees are committed to serving our foreign customers with superior service and logistical support.

What Country are we living in? I know there are alot of people that think people asking questions of Obama’s birth are all wearing tinfoil-hats, yeah, yeah. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist either however you have to start questioning some of things that are going on. You know the old saying “there’s always a grain of truth”, my concern is which grain?


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