Glenn Beck – At Least SOMEONE Is Screaming

I actually enjoyed this quite alot. We should all be screaming. I must admit he can get off on a tangent, but can’t we all. I am one of those people that cry every time I sing the National Anthem and I was brought to tears during Glenn’s 9-12 program. If this man doesn’t love our Country then he deserves an oscar. My question is, politics aside what is wrong with swelling with pride and becoming emotional when discussing the greatest Country on earth. Yes, we are better than other Countries. This does not mean we are better than other people, just their politics. I am proud to be an American and will never apologize for that pride.

People don’t realize that Glenn’s popularity is simply because he seems to understand the frustration that many of us are feeling. It feels like he’s on the side of the Country and unfortunately we are not getting that same feeling from our Government – so please keep screaming Glenn.

At least he’s not getting emotional about Nancy Drew – what a putz


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