Obama Lied – The Census Died

Once again The American Spectator is right on top of this crapolo sandwich we’re being handed with the help of on the the Obama partners, The New York Times. After all, the partnership between Obama and The New York Times is very similar to the ‘partnership’ the Census Bureau has with ACORN. In fact, the talking points on both are almost identical (sic).

  • The New York Times is one of thousands of 2010 Obama partners we have and the list is growing.
  • Our partners help to raise awareness about the 2010 Obama agenda in the communities they serve, and encourage participation.
  • Our partners span the entire spectrum of society from national, regional, state, tribal and local organizations to the private and nonprofit sectors.
  • Our partners are not involved in ethical reporting operations.
  • One of the things a partner may do is inform the community of the Obama agenda.
  • The Obama administration is solely responsible for job recruitment and hiring. Including members of partners staff whenever possible.
  • The Obama administration has strict quality assurance procedures to prevent the introduction of accurate and/or factual information when partners are discussing the Obama administration.

The Capital Research Center is also doing a great job keeping up with this: 

Now today the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the layoff of Census workers comprised the bulk of the jobs just lost in the federal government. The July 2 Employment Situation Summary states: “Employment in federal government fell by 49,000 in June, largely due to the layoff of workers temporarily hired to prepare for Census 2010.”

According to the US Census Bureau document:

The U.S. Census Bureau is already looking for job applicants t work for the 2010 Census. Peak hiring will be from February 2009 through the end of May 2010 for temporary assignments, most lasting 5 to 10 weeks.

So, why is the Census Bureau laying off people during their “peak hiring” period?


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