Pfc. Bowe (pronounced BOW) R. Bergdahl – UPDATE


I am seeing comments/opinions all over the news/web about Bowe chocked full of innuendos and flat out accusations that somehow Bowe is involved with or agrees with the monsters that are holding him CAPTIVE. I sat through the entire video and did have moments where I thought – why would Bowe say that? However these fleeting thoughts were overcome with logic. This young man has been held captive for over 2 weeks (at the time) and there’s no telling what they’ve done to him. So, lets remember;

Bowe is an AMERICAN SOLDIER being held CAPTIVE and he deserves our support – without question. Lets all remember, Bowe volunteered to join the our Military and that in and of itself proves he loves his Country.


All of our prayers are with Bowe and his family.

My message to the Taliban, if you freaks for one minute think the American people believe the propoganda that you are forcing this young man to spew will in some way minimize the hatred that American citizens feel for you and your movement – you are sorely mistaken.

My message to Obama, this is YOUR war now are you going to grow a backbone and take action or bow and shake the hands of another one of our enemies? I know what President Bush would have done.

FYI – I didn’t vote for President Bush (either time).

Bowe – Part 1

Bowe – Part 2

Bowe – Part 3

And while they hold OUR soldier captive – they enjoy our right to free speech. What kind of a sick sense of humor does our Obama Administration have that these people are not listed on our terrorist list – but our Veteran’s are????????

How much safer do you feel now that Janet Napolitano is ensuring our borders?


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