Does Obama Realize That We HAVE NO MONEY!

According to Politico:

New furniture coming? WH crews loaded chairs and tables into a truck this morning as Obama met inside with senior advisers.

Obama is expecting a new carpet in the Oval, and other furniture in the coming weeks.

White House new furniture

This guy has no shame or maybe he hasn’t noticed the economic crisis that most of us are going through. No one can convince me that the White House furniture is so bad that we have not choice except to do it now, or maybe this is his way of ‘stimulating’ the economy!

Dinner in Manhattan

Family vacation in Paris

Martha’s Vineyard in August

He hasn’t missed a Sunday golf game (at least 11 times since taking office)

He just doesn’t seem to care what this looks like to the people in this Country that are struggling, in fact he seems to have an air of entitlement.

Oh and there is the small fact that HE’S SPENT TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS!

I just have one thing to say;


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