Huffington Post Thinks This Is News

Palin Hairdresser: NYT Lied About Her Hair Thinning

The New York Times reported last week that Sarah Palin was forced to resign as Alaska governor because of overwhelming personal and political stress. One sign of Palin’s turmoil was that, according to her hairdresser, her hair was thinning.

Huffington is a joke, we all know it. But it’s getting to the point of stupid. Oh and don’t miss the idiot comments – they’re priceless.

At least one person close to Palin is NOT giving an interview:

Steele did tweet that “Inside Edition” contacted her for an interview, but she turned them down because “the whole ‘story’ was a lie.”

Like this idiot!

Levi and Tyra

Levi and Tyra






Politics aside. I am a mother of three beautiful young women and I would have beat the crap of this fool by now.


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