Obama – Healthcare and Powerful Special Interests

I’ve never seen a politician speak so eloquently out both sides of his mouth. Today Obama “blasts the GOP on health care” and as I listened to Obama speak I thought;

Why does Obama give the Republicans so much power as to state that the only reason he’s losing ground on the health care issue is because the evil Republicans are winning the argument? I am infuriated every time he assumes that the American people are too stupid to realize what is really going on – that we couldn’t possibly be making an informed decision – that we’ve been listening to all sides or reading the bills. I believe he honestly thinks that we are just too stupid to realize that they’re trying to screw us – it’s all the Republicans fault and the “special interests”. Are you kidding. 

  “There’s some in this town who are content to perpetuate the status quo, are, in fact, fighting reform on behalf of powerful special interests,” he said.

I always find it amusing when Obama attacks the “powerful special interests” while assuming that either we don’t know or we’ve forgotten that there is a group of very “powerful special interests” that got him elected. I won’t go into great detail, just our favorite SEIU (bet you thought they were just a union – not a lobbying group) who spent over $2.4 million dollars during the 2008 election cycle – just on lobbying.

seiu 2008 lobbying activities

And they’ve already spent over $700,000 already this year.

How times have changed. This was Obama on the campaign trail in 2007.

 My favorite part is where he talks about what the Clintons did wrong by trying to design their plan behind closed doors. He goes further to describe how he will do it differently:

We are gonna have a big table and everybodies gonna be invited. Labor, employers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, patient advocate groups, the drug and insurance companies. They’ll all get a seat at the table, they just won’t get to buy every chair.

And, and we will work on this process publicly, it’ll be on C-Span, it will be streaming over the net…………. 

Reallllyyyyy. I guess he changed his mind, because from what I’m seeing the Republicans cannot even get in the door much less the public seeing these meetings streaming on the net.

Obama did keep his word on Harry & Louise ads.

Oh wait, these ads are being paid for by Families USA a group with close personal ties to SEIU (Mary Kay Henry/SEIU is on the Board of Directors) and ACORN – Special Interest Groups?

Your chuckle for the day – Families USA shares their building with the  U.S. Government Ethics Office AND Citizens for National Service(Americorps).

 You have to know Obamacare is in trouble when the LA Times is capping on it:

To encourage DNC members (or those too lazy to voluntarily unsubscribe from the mailing list) to donate, the committee was offering “pocket cards” that outline President Obama’s plans for healthcare reform. A donation of at least $20 will earn you 50 pocket cards.

But it looks like the organization quickly pulled the promotion, perhaps acknowledging how ridiculous it was. Either that or they sold out. A DNC spokesperson with knowledge of the cards couldn’t be reached, but it’s unlikely that the committee distributed a boatload because the link to download and print them has also been removed.

Obama healthcare pocket cards

The cards were to encourage “one-on-one conversations with friends and neighbors” about the program. Card holders would presumably pull one of these nifty cheat sheets out of their pockets and wave them frantically in front of acquaintances, shouting about the misinformation and lies that mainstream consumers have been fed.

Have you called your Congress today?


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