The Racism Wolf

This morning I woke to the Yahoo headline;

Black scholar’s arrest raises profiling questions

However after reading the article I was not angry at the police for their horrible treatment of this man – I was angry at yet another case of crying wolf.

Supporters of a prominent Harvard University black scholar who was arrested at his own home by police responding to a report of a break-in say he is the victim of racial profiling.

There was no racial profiling here.

Cambridge police say they responded to the well-maintained two-story home near campus after a woman reported seeing “two black males with backpacks on the porch,” with one “wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry.”

Mr. Gates own attorney stated that he had forced the front door open because it was jammed. So, it appears that the call that came in was accurate.

By the time police arrived, Gates was already inside. Police say he refused to come outside to speak with an officer, who told him he was investigating a report of a break-in.

“Why, because I’m a black man in America?” Gates said, according to a police report written by Sgt. James Crowley.

Mr. Gates this had nothing to do with you being a black man in America. The police were doing their job and if you were white, black, green or purple they would have wanted you to come outside and prove that you belonged in the house.  Anyone with a security system in their house that has had the alarm go off and the police show up know the drill.

Mr. Gates you are a Director at Harvard so obviously an intelligent man that has worked hard. Why on earth would you make such ridiculous claims? More importantly why would you and the race baiting Al Sharpton want to continue to protray to the young black people that no matter what they do they will never be treated without bias – just give up it’s not worth it. Is this how you choose to be a role model, by crying wolf? By pretending to be a victim you minimize the people that may actually be, it’s disgraceful.

The article makes it sound like every black man in Cambridge is a target, however the author only came up with one incident in 2004. This is a pattern?

Some of Gates’ African-American colleagues say the arrest is part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge.

Allen Counter, who has taught neuroscience at Harvard for 25 years, said he was stopped on campus by two Harvard police officers in 2004 after being mistaken for a robbery suspect. They threatened to arrest him when he could not produce identification.

We all understand that Al Sharpton is in the business of “racism” and of course does not want anyone to believe that they are equal – it would put him out of business. What is your excuse Mr. Gates? 

Of couse Al Sharpton will be at Mr. Gates arraignment and once again I ask when will this racial outrage be shown for the 2 black babies that were sexually molested by Frank Lombard? Mr. Sharpton?


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