They’re Taking Away Our Innocence

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been screaming at the TV all day.  There was a time in the no so distant past that I was just doing my job, raising my family and blindly living my life with the anticipation that our government was more good than bad and everything was going to be o.k. – then came 2008.

I’ve often said that I feel it’s sad that we don’t let our children be children, we take away their treasured innocence way too soon. Lately I feel like my treasured innocence of believing in my Country is being taken away from me. Yes, I was naive to believe that every couple of years I would place my vote with the faith that the politician was a person of their word and would do what they told me they would do – protect my interests. I actually believed what the President of the United States said – he’s the President – he wouldn’t lie to me.

Like many people the 2008 election cycle threw me into the political arena, I started listening – questioning. Within months I had changed my political affiliation to Independent and ultimately voted Republican. I say that freely as it was easier for me to vote for an American Hero than what I considered an inexperienced man with a questionable past and associations. There were issues I did not agree with him on, however I felt that given the choices we were given Senator McCain had the perpensity to cause the ‘least’ amount of damage. At least I could say with conviction that he loves this Country. He doesn’t think we’re a Nation of mean cowards, would never feel the need to apologize for being an American and will always raise his hand to his heart when he hears our National Anthem.

So, to the politicians from the President on down I say – Shame on you. Shame on you for putting your interests and special interests in front of mine, Shame on you for taking those back door deals that represent your best interests and not mine, Shame on you for not listening when we speak, Shame on you for becoming rich on the backs of the very people you say you are protecting, Shame on you for accepting campaign money for your votes, Shame on you for being a liar.

I respect the people that chose to vote for Obama and others because they did their homework and decided that the candidate they chose was the best candidate for them. However, for those of you that chose a celebrity to be our President – Shame on you as well.

My innocence and many like me does not come cheap, we will now continue to listen and question and most importantly research until we find the truth. And those of you that should be shamed into losing your office will be faced by a real “grassroots” campaign – the voters.

They will know your name and we will make you famous……………………….

My innocence is gone however I will not sit quietly while the Country I love is taken away with it.


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