ACORN, Unions And Our Congress

We all know that the ACORN report issued last week by the U.S. House of Representatives – Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been lost in the ‘Gates incident’.  Well, Representative Steve King is trying to keep the conversation going:

I don’t know about you, but I will be sitting on the edge of my seat all week waiting for Conyers to find time to read the report. After all we know he doesn’t really like reading!

Do you ever wonder why it has been so difficult to get anyone to pay attention to ACORN? Above and beyond the obvious connection between ACORN and Obama, there is also a viable connection between ACORN, their unions and our Congress. I’ll remind everyone again, everyone is watching ACORN and not paying too much attention to the unions who are running our Country………………

In 2008 according to the U.S. Department of Labor, ACORN received $2,135,176 from the unions and no it was not just the SEIU.

Also, in 2008 according the U.S. Department of Labor our Congress received $1,604,235 from the unions to various members of Congress and their caucuses.

Still wondering who the ‘powers to be’ are that told Conyers to back off ACORN? Well, it’s likely a combination of the Black Caucus who received $146,400 and Representative Jerrold Nadler. He will protect ACORN-Working Families at all costs.

MsPlaced Democrat lays out the Nadler-ACORN-Working Families Party connection nicely. Most notable in my opinion:

From Open Secrets:
Working Families Party, Brooklyn, NY $10,000 June 22, 2007 Transfer of Excess Campaign Fund
Working Families Party, Brooklyn, NY $6,000 August 22, 2008 Transfer of Excess Campaign Funds
Working Families Party, Brooklyn, NY $25,000 June 04, 2008 Transfer of Excess Campaign Funds

How is Working Families Party tied to ACORN and the unions? The Working Families Party IS ACORN, they are one and the same. So, what about the unions? In 2008 the unions contributed $1,115,409 to the Working Families Party.

How is Working Families Party tied to Obama?

He was on their ticket in New York for the 2008 Presidential election. You had a choice to vote for Obama either as a Democrat or the Progressive Third Party (Working Families Party). Below is a portion of the email sent from to their members, the email is posted on the Working Families Party website.

In New York, you can vote Obama on the Working Families line (Row E). Barack Obama will appear on your ballot twice in New York-first under the Democratic Party, and then again on Row E, the ballot line of New York’s growing progressive third party. Voting for Barack Obama on the Working Families Party line counts exactly the same for the presidential race-and it also strengthens one of the most important efforts in the country to push Democrats to be more bold and progressive.

So, the ACORN connections start at Obama and end with Obama. If anyone can get behind the ‘books’ of the Obama campaign, ACORN, Working Families Party and the Unions – it will be bigger than Watergate. Of course – that’s a BIG IF…………..

Nadler was right about Obama – I wish more people had listened.


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