Birthers – It’s Not Just About Kenya

Today in his usual form Gibbs dimissed the 450,000+ Citizens that have questions about Obama’s birth certificate.

Instead of just producing a long form birth certificate that shows the details of Obamas’ birth, our administration has decided to lump anyone that asks the question into the ‘wing-nut’ – ‘tin-foil hat’ group.

This is Obama politics 101, these people are never going to vote for us anyway so we’re not only not going to address their concerns – we’re going to attack them.

The problem is that if you’ve spent any time at all reading the blogs, polls and petitions circulating you know that the question is just getting bigger due to their lack of ‘transparency’. This is not going away.

A very large portion of the people that are asking questions believe that Obama is a citizen. However, they do question whether or not he is a natural born citizen based on the law in effect when Obama was born and the age of his mother at the time he was born. This is a viable question.

Then there are us that want to know what is on that damn birth certificate that they don’t want us to see? We know that at least at some point Obama had his original birth certificate in his possession as he writes about it in his book Dreams From My Father, describing his origins, he wrote about finding a local Hawaiian newspaper article about his Kenyan father:

“I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school.”

We also know that Obama can have the original released at any point with a signature. So, why have they spent almost a million dollars OF OUR MONEY fighting lawsuits?

It’s very easy for the administration to stick with the line – “If I had some DNA, it wouldn’t assuage those that don’t believe he was born here”. I have a suggestion, why don’t they go ahead and release the long form birth certificate and see if it works? I’ll give them the $10 to request the copy.

C’mon Gibbs, we can have a beer and order it.

Hell, while we’re at it why don’t we just release the college records as well. If as Gibbs states in the video that he was the one that asked for the “certification of live birth” be posted, then it would be logical to assume that he has the authority to ask for all the documents in question to be posted.



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4 responses to “Birthers – It’s Not Just About Kenya

  1. They do have something to hide here. If they didn’t, they would have produced it along time ago like John Mc Cain did. The truth will come out eventually … it always does.

  2. speakmymindblog

    I agree. It’s only logical that there’s ‘something’ that they don’t want us to see. It’s ‘what’ they’re hiding that worries me – what could be that bad?

  3. Maybe he is a muslin….someone sent to take over. He seems to be doing a good job at that. He surrounds himself with radicals. He is stopping as much as he can to allow illegal aliens in this country. He has bothered me way back early in his campaign………..going to a church with such a white hater…country hater such as Rev. Wright for 20 years he listened to this…….. He must have gotten something out of it to keep going for 20 years. I just heard bits and pieces of what Wright was saying and I would have never gone to his church say nothing about attending it for 20 years.

    • speakmymindblog

      He does have it down to a science doesn’t he and sometimes I wonder if it’s his real fathers name that he doesn’t want us to see – I honestly don’t think this has anything to do with citizenship……