Single Payer Will Be Brought To The Floor – Per Nancy Pelosi

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) House Energy & Commerce Committee brought an amendment to the floor with an explanation of:

“This is an amendment that will strike the guts of the bill and replace it with a single payer option”

According to Mr. Weiner:

“We are no longer gonna take hundreds of billions of dollars every single year and give it to insurance companies who do buttkus in return” 

Nothing to worry about, there are plenty of amendments brought to the floor that mean nothing. Right?

According to Henry Waxman (D-CA) he has discussed this amendment with Nancy Pelosi and

“she has pledge to me that she will allow this issue to come to the house floor for a vote”

Hot Air is reporting what some of what we have to look forward to…………..

Not too long ago, a man in the UK pulled 13 of his own teeth rather than live in agony because the National Health Service didn’t have a dentist to treat his chronic teeth problems.  His fellow Brits won’t have the option of using a pliers on their backs after the most recent rationing decision by the NHS.  In order to save £33 million ($55.6 million), the British single-payer system will no longer give cortisone shots for nonspecific back pain despite the effectiveness of the treatment:


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