Linda Douglass – Don’t Believe What Obama Said

So, was he lying then or lying now? This is the question that I am left with.

I noticed immediately that Ms. Douglass does not say that Obama never said these things. Because they can’t – he did say it.


Hillary said it best during the January 2008 debate. I’m posting this in it’s entirety so as not to be accused of ‘cutting and pasting’, however Hillary’s comments at 8:45 are at the core of this debate. Obama’s stance on anything is based on the political atmosphere of the moment.

We have seen once again a kind of evolution here. When Senator Obama ran fo the Senate he was for single payer and said he was for single payer if we could get a Democratic President and Democratic Congress. As time went on, the last 4 or so years he said he was for single payer in principle, then he was for universal healthcare and his policy is not – it is not universal. You know this is kinda like the ‘present’ vote thing because the Chicago Tribune, his hometown paper said that all those ‘present’ votes was taking a pass. It was for political reasons. 

Obama has voted ‘present’ once again by handing the bill over to others to draft. He doesn’t have a real stake in this fight, if it doesn’t work out he’s just going to blame Congress. Once again, he’s just ‘present’ at the fight.

I am struck by the fact that when these issues of double talk arise inevitably these stories involve Obama telling a Union or ACORN one thing and telling the rest of us something else. Obama does not speak of any alliance or history with the American people, however this is a constant theme when he’s speaking to a Union or ACORN.

And who was at the Whitehouse to discuss healthcare? SEIU


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