Meet A Blue Dog Democrat

I’m not sure how you get into this club – but I think we need to change the admission rules…………and if it’s people like this guy that we’re putting our faith in doing the right thing – we’re screwed.

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Democrat screams at constituent for asking tough question on health care

And by “constituent,” I of course mean crypto-Nazi political terrorist. You’ll find the full unedited exchange right here but I’m giving you the news segment because it provides important context. Like, for example, that the guy who asked Scott the question actually is one of his constituents, contrary to what the distinguished gentleman implies. And that his “hijacking” of this town hall (which wasn’t devoted to health care) came during a Q&A session in which attendees were in fact allowed to ask about anything. But aside from that, he’s very, very Nazi, baby.

Representative Scott isn’t new to  ‘Chicago style’ politics or Detroit/Conyers style as far as how he treats his detractors.

“This is disrespectful and very unfortunate to hear this about a U.S. Congressman,” said the RNC’s Outreach Communications Press Secretary Darrell Jordan. “It’s also extremely disappointing to hear an African-American man use this term in reference to another African-American woman. When I heard this report, I decided to call the witness who heard Rep. Scott utter the phrase (for my own confirmation). On Monday, Maynard Eaton, a writer for the Atlanta Voice newspaper, confirmed to me that he did, in fact, hear Rep. Scott refer to Dr. Honeycutt as a bitch.”

Scott is also as ethical as Chris Dodd according to CREW;

Rep. David Scott, an Atlanta Democrat, today was named one the 25 most “corrupt members of Congress” by a ethical watchdog group that cited, among other charges, Scott’s failure to pay taxes on time and the mingling of his personal business interests and his campaign finances.

Citing news reports and Scott’s campaign-finance records, CREW said Scott’s family advertising business, Dayn-Mark, failed to pay $154,000 in payroll taxes on time and $4,600 in local and state taxes since 1998. Scott also was late in paying $23,200 in property taxes on his home.

CREW questioned campaign payments to members of Scott’s family that the FEC records indicate were reimbursements for office supplies and other items. The group also cited a former Scott aide’s claim that Scott used House office staff for campaign work.

Another “trusted” politician – should it surprise anyone that he doesn’t want to hear what we have to say……………


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