Socialist = N-word?

Race-baiting at it’s best. When you start to loose an argument or in this case support for a candidates policies – it’s racist.

When are people going to start realizing that when you project racism where none exists – it has the possible affect of minimizing racism that may otherwise exist. These types of comments are irresponsible and hurt the minorities that persons like Mr. Watson claim to champion.

According to what I’ve read, Mr. Watson comes from what many would consider an underprivledged background. Yet he was able to rise above his circumstances, go to Harvard and become what he is today. Why would you want to victimize other black youth with these kind of defeatous comments that give young people the impression that people automatically look at them differently. How many opportunities are missed by minority youth because they are trained to be victims? Why are you not out there lifting up the youth and showing them how you made it???

Mr. Watson – poor is not a color and all white people are not racist. Including those that may disagree with Obama’s policies and you.


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