Chris Matthews The White Al Sharpton

“I think some of the people are upset that we have a black president.”

“not documentation, but pigmentation”.

“What more do you want before you’re gonna vote for a black guy?”

 “When you’re black you lose the partisan war.”

“You know they don’t like being known as racists.”


Chris Matthews has went so far as to say opponents should be strapped down in gurneys and injected with sodium pentathol so they admit they are racists – because according to Matthews if you are white we pretty much (45-65% of us anyway) are all racist and just won’t admit it.  

Chris Matthews is so biased in his views and support of Obama that he cannot be an effective news commentator. This man has no business in any “news” organization.

He is right about one thing, we don’t like being known as racists most notably when this statement is so far removed from the truth, logic or facts.


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