Ed Schultz – The New Leader Of The Democratic Party?

I think we should give him the job – the same way the Dems gave the title to Rush.

They have accused Rush Limbaugh of being the voice of the Republican Party when in fact he’s a shock jock. He does have good points sprinkled in his rants and it can be fun to see what he’s going to say next. It seems to me that Ed is jealous that he doesn’t have the numbers Rush does. So, he’s going to use every method he can – including bigotry and race baiting. 

“It’s almost as if everyone of the Town Hall meetings is turning into the Jerry Springer show.”

“Sometimes I think they want Obama to get shot.”

You have one major problem with your plan Mr. Ed, you have no talent or class.

Just a thought as I’m listening to the last video – is it me or is being racist again people of Indian descent is acceptable to the Dems? There certainly was no outrage when Biden did the same thing…………..



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