How Did The Get My Email Address? UPDATED

The question of the day. Today Gibbs acted as if the reporter was lying about this happening.

Gibbs answer – give me those email address and I’ll check it out. Oh yeah, let’s do that. Let’s hand over the peoples email address that do not agree with the administration or forwarding information to the media – great idea!

Mr. Gibbs, there is at least one person blogging about the ‘fishy’ email he received from that never supplied his email address. 

Mr. Gibbs, if this has happened to one person, it surely happened to more. How did the White House get their email addresses? More importantly, why wouldn’t you answer the question?

MOST importantly – what other private information is being accessed by this administration?

UPDATE from On The Record tonight.

According to Major Garrett, Gibbs has been contacted so that he can be provided with the emails. Gibbs has yet to respond.


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  1. joeland7

    Who is really behind the health care reform protest?
    Error may endure for a season but truth and justice will prevail because truth is universal and eternal.