Why Are Americans So Scared Of Health Care Reform?

Simple. We don’t know what to believe.

Every day we hear conflicting information and today according to the Canadian Press.

“We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize,” Doing said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

More than Canadians realize? This is why people are scared. No matter what Country you live in, it seems you can’t trust what your Government tells you. Is the system really broken or do they just want more money? or more power over our lives?

“Not sustainable” is something that we keep hearing – over and over. Only today it’s what is being said about the Canadian system.

“(Canadians) have to understand that the system that we have right now – if it keeps on going without change – is not sustainable,” said Doig.

But wait, the Canadians utilize Comparative Effective Research in their NICE system to determine what drugs/services are the most cost effective. This is what is supposed to make our system more efficient – what happened?

Why is reform so important to the Democrats if over 80% of Americans are happy with their current insurance system? We are scared because we don’t understand why this is pushed so hard when it’s apparent that this matter seems to be more important to politicians than Americans – why?

We live in a Country where we take care of our poor ensuring that they have insurance, our children are insured, our elderly are insured and you cannot be denied health care. We live in a Country that has brought advances to the medical field and increased our life span. We live in a Country that allows our Doctors to get us from their office to surgery the same day if we need help.

We live in a Country with the best health care in the World and we don’t understand why we have to change it – why is that so hard for politicians to understand? 

We do not trust what Obama or our other politicians are telling us – they have not given us many reasons to believe them.


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