Are Obama And Company LaRouche Democrats?

Today everyone is blogging away about the crazy woman carrying a Obama/Hitler photo at the Barney Frank town hall meeting.

Before I get to Obama and company – two points.

First, is anyone surprised by how Barney Frank treated his constituents? Every time I see this man I am at a loss as to how/why this man keeps getting re-elected.

Second, I would hate to be the guy in the purple shirt in the back that was caught picking his nose (55-58 secs.) – talk about bad timing!

When considering the title of this post, please note the following quotes;

Even couples were encouraged to ‘inform’ on each other’s ‘progress’

“Taken on the characteristics more of a political cult than a political party,”

He denies playing a leadership role in any of the organizations identified with him

“Intellectual brilliance,”

Workers were harassing voters on the street

Supporters routinely use threats and questionable tactics to silence critics and former members and to discourage the media from writing critically about the group.

“To people who are unfavorable to them, they do whatever they can to commit character assassination,”

Propaganda attacks on individuals and members of other groups

Telephone calls to friends and family members, picket lines at home and work

If you were not aware of the content, each of these quotes could easily be said about the Obama Campaign/Administration – However, these are all quotes by or about the LaRouche Democratic movement or LaRouche himself.

Just thought the comparison was interesting……………..


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  1. bobbygee

    This is the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe Frank should have refesher course in history. The germans did the same thing that Obama is trying to accomplish at the trun of century.