How Efficient Is This New Administration

We have all heard the comments regarding the amount of traveling and campaigning the Obama has done since his inauguration – when is he going to get down to the business of governing? This left me wondering, how much actual work is being done on his non ‘pet’ projects? So, I took a look back at legislation that was signed by the Presidents during previous Administrations.

Year Congress President # of Public Laws Signed by President
2009 111 Obama 49
2008 110 Bush 456
2007 109 Bush 482
2006 108 Bush 498
2005 107 Bush 377
2004 106 Bush 580
2003 105 Bush 393
2002 104 Bush 330
2001 103 Bush 465
2000 102 Clinton 589
1999 101 Clinton 648
1998 100 Clinton 709
1997 99 Clinton 661
1996 98 Clinton 621
1995 97 Clinton 471
1994 96 Clinton 611
1993 95 Clinton 633
1992 94 Bush 579
1991 93 Bush 645


In all fairness, our members of Congress have presented only 63 pieces of legislation to the President.

According to Thomas, thousands of pieces of legislation have been introduced into the House/Senate.  We have a Democrat Administration that has the luxury of majorities in all aspects – Why are they not getting the work done?

It strikes me this Administration that has reminded us throughout the campaign and since how efficient they are at multi-tasking does not seem to live up to the hype. If you look at 1993 when President Clinton was in the midst of Hillarycare and his first year in office, he managed to sign 633 pieces of legislation. It seems Clinton’s multi-tasking puts the Obama Administration to shame.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want this Congress pushing through every agenda they see fit. However, it just appears odd that nothing seems to be getting done.

They have the power – they have the votes – yet they are the most inefficient Administration we have had in the past 18 years.


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