Obama – I Am My Brother’s Keeper

From Obama’s “people of faith” town hall call.

Heath care reform is not designed to provide health insurance for illegal aliens, or to fund abortions, he continued, calling the lies and misinformation, “fabrications that have been put out there to stop people from meeting a core moral and ethical obligation that we look out for one another … that I am my brother’s keeper, my sister’s keeper, and in the wealthiest nation on earth we are neglecting to live up to that call.”

It seems this statement applies only to us ‘little people’. I’m surprised he wasn’t struck by lightening.

Why does it not embarrass the President of the United States that his family here in the US and in Africa live in poverty. Those same relatives that he routinely touts at his convenience in his books and speeches.

Why does Obama feel it is appropriate for the American Citizens to assume the responsibility of providing a home through public assistance for his Aunt – when he has the means to assist her? More importantly why on earth would we trust someone with this moral standard when he says he is going to help us?

I’d say McCain was right on this one.


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