End Of Life Care Was Obama’s Idea

It is no accident that in an interview with the Reno Gazette Journal in January 2008 Obama warned us that we were going to have to make some difficult choices in terms of end of life care.

I firmy believe that Obama provided Congress with his ten point plan for health care and was much more involved in the writing of the initially proposed legislation than we are being led to believe. In doing so Obama is taking cover while allowing Congress to take the punches. Their approval ratings are so low even this cannot hurt them significantly, while trying to preserve Obama’s overall approval rating.  

Maybe Jack Klugman should start lobbying for our seniors instead of AARP – he saw this coming in 2007.



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2 responses to “End Of Life Care Was Obama’s Idea

  1. kimberlyraem

    So, let me get this straight: According to your message, end of life care should be decided by me, my doctor — oh, and you forgot to mention that empty suit from the big insurance industry who is only interested in his shareholder’s bottom line?

    Forget for a moment that most of our elderly wouldn’t part with their government subsidized healthcare [except for maybe Klugman, who is quite wealthy enough for the cream of the crop insurance], and forget for a moment that Medicare does NOT determine their end of life care. They never have and never will. That’s what living wills do, and counseling with your doctor on that score is a right that Obama wants to set up for EVERY American who wants to ensure that their end is handled in a manner they desire. Period.

    The ‘death panels’ that leaders have blatantly lied about is probably the most egregious deception coming out of our government since Bush lied us into war. And we must note that once again, that horrible deceit is being generated from the Party that is controlled by special interests and big moneyed donations to their campaigns. The Republican Party is the Party for the Stockholder’s and Big Business’ bottom line. Healthcare should NOT be about the ‘bottom line’ and shareholder’s Cayman accounts. It should be about covering everyone and looking at the best interests of the American people.

    Shame on you for your blatant, wanton deception here at Townhall.com-lite.

    • speakmymindblog

      The insurance companies do not ‘require’ end of life counseling. The claim that the counseling is not mandatory is ridiculous – when the bill says that counseling will occur every 5 years or any significant change in your health condition – that’s mandatory.

      As far as Medicare – no they don’t require the end of life counseling now. However, they would have to make this a requirement under the bill – when they slip this back in at committee.

      Also, while seniors do not want to give up their Medicare – what will their options be once the system goes broke. Why are we not focusing on fixing the systems that are broken – instead of an overhaul of the entire system. Further, what do you think they will be giving up with the cuts that are planned with this legislation? It is disingenuous and illogical to anticipate that billions of dollars will be taken out of Medicare and that somehow their care will become better. All of our seniors would have to have dementia now to believe this.

      First, I am not a Republican – so that argument does not wash. Second, why is the war always brought up by the liberals when they are losing an argument? Bush is no longer the President – get some new material.

      As far as special interests and big moneyed donations – that’s a joke – both parties are guily of this and the Dems have it down to a science. Let’s start with Soros……………

      Without tort reform – there is no reform. When Obama goes after the attorneys – we’ll talk.