Van Jones And Obama Billions

Yes, he call the Republicans “assholes” (1:07) in this video and while it’s fun banter there’s so much more that was said……….

“The slogan of green jobs is the banner under which all of the Pro-Democracy forces can gather for the next big assault.”

Van Jones believes that we must go through the ‘necessary’ pain as sometimes you have to have a breakdown before you can have a breakthrough. He has every intention of moving forward with our ‘breakdown’ and is gathering the forces from our prisons to assist him.

This man, his groups and his movement are starting a ‘revolution’ with the ‘Obama billions’. Are we paying attention?

So, do you agree with our utilities being taken over by the government? Van Jones believes that we should have Democratic public ownership of utilities. Considering where he is in this Administration – he’s got a shot at this.

Don’t be foolish by watching only the video clips you’re being provided – watch the entire video. Educate yourself on what’s to come if the Obama Administration is left un-checked.


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