Flashback – Stupid Voters

With everything we know now – are people still going to be stupid?

The other day I wrote – many people judged the Obama book by the cover – they never even looked at the pages. Read the book people.

  • Chapter One – Birth Certificate – Blank
  • Chapter Two – College Transcripts – Blank
  • Chapter Three – Reverend Wright
  • Chapter Four – Bill Ayers
  • Chapter Five – Chicago Socialist Party
  • Chapter Six – ACORN
  • Chapter Seven – Rezko
  • Chapter Eight – Rashid Khalidi
  • Chapter Nine – Unions
  • Chapter Ten – Born Alive Legislation
  • Chapter Eleven – “Present”
  • Chapter Twelve – Mistress ?
  • Chapter Thirteen – Rob Blagojevich
  • Chapter Fourteen – Aunt Zeituni Onyango
  • Chapter Fifteen – Valarie Jarrett (slum lord)
  • Chapter Sixteen – Coal Industry
  • Chapter Seventeen – Cass Susteen
  • Chapter Eighteen – John Holdren
  • Chapter Nineteen – Ezekiel Emanuel
  • Chapter Twenty – Van Jones

I know there’s more, this was literally off the top of my head. Most of these “distractions” came up during the campaign and may have seemed trivial to some, however when you start listing the “distractions” it becomes evident that there is more to this man then we’ve been told (or found). If you met a person that you knew nothing about and your friends started telling you any of the items listed – or a couple of these items – would you start to question the character of this person?


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