Who Are The Racists In America?

This week my grandchildren learned what racism is from their black neighbor. My grandson (8) was playing with his new neighbors little girl when her mother came out of her house yelling at her daughter to “stop talking to that white boy!” and made her daughter go in the house. My grandson was in tears and my daughter fumbled through an explanation trying to comfort this child. Later that same day, the man that my daughter babysits for came to pick up his kids and playfully yelled “I don’t have any white kids, where did these come from”. After he left my grandsons went to my daughter and told her that “he doesn’t like us because we’re white”. Needless to say, the gentleman that made the remark was playing and felt horrible when my daughter asked him to talk to the boys.

My grandsons never saw “color” until this week and it was taught to them by a black person who had no right to bring this kind of hatred into their world. What are we doing to our kids? I have never seen so much racial tension as I have over the past year and it seems to be getting worse by the day.

Racism is not learned in the community – it is learned at home. Children do not learn racial slurs at school, church or in the playground. Racism is brought into school, church and the playground by racist parents that teach this poison to their children and send them out into the world to share.

The Democrat Party and race baiters such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Van Jones, etc. that make it their business to ensure that the black race continues to see themselves as victims are the worst kind of racists. They prey on the very people they claim to represent. How much of the millions they’ve earned have they given back to their communities? Considering the billions and billions of dollars we as a Country have funneled to their causes and communities why are there still ghettos and poverty in the US? Where is all this money going? They stand and preach about the white people oppressing the minorites races, while they stand on their backs to get rich. It’s disgusting.


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