Did Van Jones Fill Out The Administrations Application Questionnaire?

As the last week has unfolded for the Administration and Van Jones, I’m left wondering about the Administrations application form is working out for them? 

Remember last November when the big news was the seven-page, 63-item questionnaire that every candidate for Cabinet and other high-ranking positions in the incoming administration was to fill out. According to CNN:

The largest part of the questionnaire asks prospective White House appointees and their spouses to list real estate and other business transactions, affiliations and relationships as well as personal financial and tax information.

It also asks about writings, speeches, testimony, online communications and even personal diaries.

An entire section requests details on any criminal or civil legal action in which the applicant may have been involved. The last question in that 11-item section asks for details on any child support or alimony orders.

In an apparent effort to avoid the problems faced by several nominees in the last two administrations, a block of four questions is devoted to ferreting out details — including the immigration status — of any domestic help the applicant may have hired.

Question 61 seems to have been prompted by the controversy over former 1960s radical William Ayres in Obama‘s campaign: “Have you had any association with any person, group or business venture that could be used — even unfairly — to impugn or attack your character or qualifications for government service?”

It would seem that Van Jones’ position would be considered a “high ranking position” and he would definitely be considered an “appointee”.

Glenn Beck – maybe your question to the Administration should have been – did Van Jones fill out one of these questionnaires?

Personally, I believe they knew exactly what they were getting with Van Jones and didn’t care what people found. This Administration feels it is above reproach and worst still that we have no right to question what they do.


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