Patricia Jessamy – Friend of ACORN

Patricia Jessamy, Baltimore’s own ‘community organizer’ wants to “shoot the messenger” – this doesn’t surprise anyone that lives in Baltimore.

Ms. Jessamy is on the Board of The Family League of Baltimore. The Family League of Baltimore is coalition member of Maryland Health Care for All, so is ACORN. No conflict of interest here.

Ms. Jessamy donated $1,000 to Obama for America. No conflict of interest here.

This isn’t the first time Jessamy’s office has been on the wrong side of what’s right.

When Mayor Dixon was indicted.

After the indictment was handed up, elected officials across the state came out strongly in support of Dixon, with many saying they were praying for her. “I feel very sorry for her,” said Baltimore State’s Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy, a fellow Democrat. “She is a very hard worker. … Based on what I know and my relationship with her, I hope this is resolved quickly so that she can continue conducting the business of the city.”

Anyone remember Zach Sowers – via the Baltimore Sun.

Prosecutors have said that Ramos attacked Sowers while Eric Price, 17, watched in the 300 block of S. Robinson St., near Sowers’ Patterson Park home in June 2007. Arthur Jeter, 18, and Wilburt Martin, 20, sat in a car out of sight of the robbery.

Zach Sowers, 28, remained in a coma for 10 months, during which he underwent two surgeries and was at four different hospitals. He died in March at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

The wife of a man who spent months in a coma after being hit during a robbery and later died is outraged at a spokeswoman for Baltimore prosecutors who questioned whether her husband’s injuries were the result of a “vicious beating” and said that he looked like a “sleeping baby” at the hospital.

Ms. Jessamy and her office consistently supported the criminals in this case – nothing new here……………


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