Here we go again – looks like this one may come out in pieces as well. This is the portion that was shown on Hannity tonight.


“Trust the Mexicans”

According to NBC San Diego:

David Lagstein with California ACORN confirmed the video is real. He said the employee in that video is Juan Carlos Vera.

“Our staff member in question says that doesn’t capture what happened,” Lagstein said. “They succeeded in getting our staff members to say things they shouldn’t have said. We need to see the full video to see what happened.”

ACORN has been active and taken to the streets in San Diego County since 2001 occasionally drawing criticism for its assistance in getting mortgage loans for illegal immigrants.

In last year’s local voter registration campaign, 17 percent of the applications were red-flagged as “invalid’ or ‘deficient.”

Update 2:

Immigration Rally did happen on 8/27/2009

With slogans addressed to the president and congressmen and Obama Yes We Can!, Reform Yes, Raids, No!  and The People United will never be defeated!, little more than a dozen protesters set out from San Diego College to reach the offices of Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

Juan Carlos Vera, San Diego ACORN leader, showed a box which contained more than 2 million signatures of support from people sympathetic to immigration reform.

rally photo


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