Bertha Lewis Is Going To Fix Everything – UPDATED

C’mon folks she’s only been in charge for a year, give her a chance. She’s going to restore our confidence in ACORN.

According to Bertha:

“I have to thank the undercover folks because they sort of did us a good service.”

But we’re going to sue them anyway.

Their quality control stopped any documents from actually being filed – really. Well, that’s not quite accurate Bertha, if you listen to the Baltimore tape again you’ll hear the couple being told to bring their paperwork back – which they never did. They already had all the information they needed.


She’s on a media blitz.



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2 responses to “Bertha Lewis Is Going To Fix Everything – UPDATED

  1. I’m afraid Bertha may be a bit bipolar, or possibly stricken with some multiple personality disorder. Not even 2 days ago she was talking about how this was all a smear campaign pieced together by Fox News and their minions. I’m sure the ACORN higher-ups slapped her wrists and told her they were shifting the focus again from victim from to friend. It’s just all really bizarre.

    Enjoyed my visit! I’m bookmarking it, and I’ll be back!


    • speakmymindblog

      I think her attitude depends on who is interviewing her – I’m going through another interview right now and her attitude is completely different when she’s talking to a “sympathetic” audience……….

      Thanks for the bookmark!!