Flashback – James O’Keefe and Planned Parenthood

 These ‘undercover’ videos were produced in 2007.

And what was Planned Parenthoods response to this information, well a threated lawsuit of course.

I bring this up today as it relates to the letter from ACORN to it’s “Business Parters and Supporters” in which ACORN states:

Dianne Quest, of Planned Parenthood, provided us with the following description of that group’s experience: “O’Keefe (the activist) has a sordid history of preying on receptionists and other front-line service workers for respected organizations. In 2008 he pulled a similar stunt on Planned Parenthood when he and another female colleague secretly recorded phone conversations with staff who handle fundraising calls at a few of the organization’s affiliates. During the calls, O’Keefe pretended to be interested in setting up funds for low-income women in need of health care. Once the conversation hit a comfortable stride, O’Keefe would change his tune and explain, in explicit language, that his real intent was to target women of color in an effort to control minority populations. The audio recordings were edited in an attempt to make it appear that Planned Parenthood was complicit in accepting donations for racist purposes. O’Keefe’s intent then, as it is now, was to entrap an organization whose mission he is ideologically opposed to, and masquerade his efforts as investigative journalism rather than the propaganda videos they are.”

“Sordid history”, “preying on receptionists and other front-line workers” from “respected organizations”. While it is refreshing that Planned Parenthood has finally admitted that it’s no better than ACORN, I’d hardly call either of them “respected organizations”. They both hide under a veil of “protecting the little people” while they both target these same people.  

Further, the people on these tapes are not receptionist and in at least one case it was a vice president giving advice. More importantly, just as in the case of ACORN, no one seemed to flinch at the thought of targeting minorities.

Let me go on record – I am pro-choice. I believe a woman should have rights over her own body and personal decisions (with the exception of late term abortions).  However, an organization that ‘assists’ girls as young as 14 (without their parents knowledge – or when authorities should clearly be contacted) or targets minorities – should be shut down.

By the way – what was the fall-out for Planned Parenthood after these tapes came out……………………….still waiting for that.


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