Girl Talk With Tresa – ACORN – UPDATED – Tape 3 Added

Via Big Government:

Miss Tresa Kaelke came off as the “cool” grandma type: ready to talk, listen and dive into something adventurous. She was very much straight out of the free-love and anti-war era. She was not there to discriminate; she was there to condone and get her twisted fill of gossip for the day.

She wasn’t fearful.  She was bored.

The real problem with under-age prostitutes – it will be more expensive when you get caught – but even if you get busted – “ain’t nobody gonna believe it”.

But at least she was worried about Hannah’s reputation – what kind of chick are you if you don’t at least have your own personal lawyer. 

Stay classy Tresa.


I’m really getting tired of watching this crazy lady.


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