Bertha Lewis – Different Interview – Different Attitude

It’s interesting the change of attitude from Bertha Lewis depending on where she is interviewing. When on Lou Dobbs,  she appeared tentative, embarressed, ashamed. Not here…………..Sirius Radio, MIP with Mark Thompson radio interview. 

Part One – Ho’gate – takeaways.

“This is a coordinated effort that goes all the way back to the Bush White House.”

“It is awfully curious that people are being disrespectful to the leader of the free world who happens to be a black man and trying to destroy the largest community organization in this country that happens to organize for poor black/brown people.”

“People ought to see this as a new kind of McCarthyism.”

Part Two – Doctored Films  – takeaways.

“These are housing folks, these are not ACORN people.”

“We are here to help folks and we don’t make judgements and we listen to people”

 “This doesn’t suit the right-wing or Fox’s purpose to show the real truth.”

“Right now ACORN is being vilified and you might get a call – Have you now or ever been associated with ACORN.”

Part Three – Right Wing Echo Chamber – takeaways.

“This group that would in fact move over a million black and brown folks – are you – NO – you’re upsetting the balance of power and this is what it really comes down to and this is why they fear us and want to destroy us. Because we are not just trying to empower we are trying to organize poor people to take power.”

“We had no contract with the Census Bureau. We weren’t getting paid by the Census Bureau.”

“The Census Bureau decided it was politically expedient for them to write a letter saying we don’t want any association with ACORN. Well, guess what, you didn’t have a contract with us and it was a little over the top. But you know what, doesn’t matter, we’re still gonna encourage our members, other poor people in our community to make sure that they are counted.”

“Maybe we’re a majority minority country already.”

Part Four – $53 Million? – takeaways.

“I think the government got some value for the buck.”

Part Five – They were duped – takeaways.

“We will assist our former employees if they need help, they were duped.”

“Call you local representatives, tell them to man up and not be intimidated by this and have some backbone and stand up for ACORN.”

“They come for ACORN in the morning. They coming for you at night.”



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2 responses to “Bertha Lewis – Different Interview – Different Attitude

  1. I think she may be senile. Is she old enough for that? In one interview she “thanks” James and Hannah for giving them the push to reform and another she’s acting like this is all one big hate crime. She needs to be the first one to go during their big “overhaul”.

    Great post! You did a great job pulling all the information out.

    The Conservative Journal

  2. speakmymindblog

    She’s in her 60’s so I guess it could be senility – maybe we can get her committed ;o)

    Thanks – it took all I had sitting through those videos. The b.s. is just astonishing………