Employers Say They Will Not Absorb Any Additional Costs Resulting From Reform

These results should not surprise anyone.

We’ve all heard what the politicians say will happen with health care reform. Well, finally there is a survey is focused on how business owners will respond to health care reform modifications.

Via the Towers Perrin Survey released yesterday:

The Tower Perrin Health Care Reform Pulse Survey drew responses from 433 HR and benefit executives from a cross section of midsize and large organizations in the U.S. At the time of the survey, 94% of employees at respondents’ companies were eligible to receive health benefits, and 81% were enrolled in company-sponsored benefit programs. The survey was conducted online in July 2009.

This is the report that we should be paying attention to. This isn’t a politician telling us what US companies MAY do, this is telling us what business owners WILL DO.

If the health care reform INCREASES their business costs – they will reduce benefits to their employees. Let’s not forget for most businesses the best way to reduce costs will be to move their employees into the “public” plan.

chart 1

What would employers do if health care reform REDUCED their business costs – they will keep the money.

chart 2

There’s no reason to be mad at the big bad business owners. Both of these are examples of good business decisions.

It is looking more and more like the only people that will lose in every proposed health care reform plan are employees and seniors.

Is this the reform you were hoping for?


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