Racism Or A Sign Of The Times?

Yesterday I ran across yet another case of a child being beat up while having racial slurs yelled at him. I did a YouTube search and in less than 5 minutes had the following list of videos – all within the last couple of months. What is happening to our kids?

I’ve said it before, children are not born racists. They are created by their parents and I’m at a loss as to why this hatred is passed from generation to generation. More importantly, why is the racial hatred towards non-black persons that seems to be escalating being ignored?

The fact that these crimes are not being charged as hate crimes is causing a real divide in our Country.  Our media is spending much time discussing idiotic speculations regarding disagreements being racism, yet has essentially ignored these real acts of racism.

The fact that the President is not coming out and saying that racism in any form is unacceptable is just wrong and cowardly. Obama saying that disagreements are not  “mainly” based on race was just another instance of him walking the political line. Obama speaks out on Gates and Kanye, but not white children that are beaten or killed? When will Obama start leading this entire Country? Does he have the guts?

2nd White child a victim of a Hate Crime in St Louis

Belleville, Illinois School Bus Beat Down

School bus driver beaten by teenage boy 

 Maryland Teen Beaten to Death by Pack

17-Year-Old Barely Survives a Brutal Beating, Thanks to Cop (Was Racism the Motivation?)

Only whites are racist?? Savage beating and attempted murder of Brian Milligan

3 Blacks beat a Chinese man to death


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