Bertha Lewis Says She Will Testify If Congress Calls

Poor Bertha, she just doesn’t get it. The majority of people in this Country will never trust ACORN again, if they ever did.

Did anyone notice that the “audit” of ACORN has turned into an “independent and comprehensive inquiry and review of the management of its service delivery to communities“. Scott Harshbarger is not an auditor and the fact that he has prior connections with ACORN makes this entire process useless and a waste of money.

Bertha continues to try to protray ACORN as an upstanding organization that has just had a hiccup. We know this not to be true.



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3 responses to “Bertha Lewis Says She Will Testify If Congress Calls

  1. gloucesterontheditch

    It sounds like ACORN’s bought attorney Harshbarger is looking to corral the most legally damaging hazards that may be discovered as various Inspectors General and government agencies commence their own inquests, audits, and depositions.

    Given the collusive and evasive nature ACORN has constructed, there are likely too many loose cannons on ACORN’s decks to contain them all.

    To the extent ACORN has not maintained various entity organization documents and requisite compliance administration, the entire organization is very likely to collapse into one massive constructive trust with the Rathkes fully engaged.

    The various liens recorded, so far, are for payroll taxes. In all likeliness, Harshbarger will divert as much of ACORN’s cash as possible to eliminating the Trust Fund portion of those taxes.

    The Trust Fund portion is the amount of taxes actually withheld from wages and salaries and is not dischargeable by action of bankruptcy. Moreover, those taxes will attribute to responsible parties including anyone who had the ability to pay those taxes and did not remit them. That will be a very large group of persons includingBertha Lewis along with Dale Rathke since he misdirected funds to his own benefit during a period when withholding taxes were not remitted.

    For the moment, I see ACORN prepping for a total entity collapse rather than a restructuring or some ‘change in their ways.’

    The time is ripe for the appointment of a federal trustee. Whatever funds remain should be marshalled and preserved before they find there way to a legion of special interests including advisory lawyers.

    • speakmymindblog

      You are absolutely right, however I have no faith that a Trustee will be appointed. It also concerns me that Reid is refusing to start a Congressional investigation. I think there is a very real chance that ACORN may be downsized, maybe a slapped hand…………..It feels like there has been a slight change of tone in the last couple of days.

  2. gloucesterontheditch

    The impending doom for ACORN is the IRS. They operate outside of ordinary procedure and have legal priorities as well as a fiduciary obligation to the United States to preserve assets in the presence of risk.

    Wade Rathke has already created an international variant of ACORN that is supposedly unconnected in any legal manner from the labyrinth of U.S. entities. I submit that the veil of such allusion is simply an expansion of the collusion existing by his control and direction of all inter-related parties.

    If matters seem to be quieting, temporarily, for Bertha Lewis and her cadre of vigilante-victims, it is because media wants this matter to be done with. The IRS also avoids media attention. For now, I am confident that IRS is waiting patiently for other branches of Treasury, Justice, INS and Louisiana to develop their respective cases. Hence, Mr. Harshbarber’s actual function will be to prioritize, to do legal triage, in contemplation of what is certainly pending.

    Money can cure many things, just ask a Kennedy. Even if ACORN is not dismantled and eradicated, the funds will be gone, largely consumed by unpaid payroll taxes, penalties, interest and now attorney fees to ward off levy actions in pursuit of collection.

    Since learning of Ms. Lewis’ appointment as CEO, I have doubted her ability and questioned ACORN’s motivations in appointing her. It should be considered that she is just a dupe, some home grown ACORN zealot prepared for sacrifice in the interest of preserving a vast plantation network of cash centers for the Rathkes and their chosen stooges.

    If time can be extended to afford a dimwit, cornrow-CEO, accommodation to organize ACORN’s books, records, organizational charts, compliance filings, to tidy up all that administrative overhead, so much the better for them.