Flashback – Obama Article vs. Transcript – Reverend Wright

I ran across the transcript of an interview given by Obama in 2004 regarding his religious faith. The article ran in the Chicago Sun-Times on April 5, 2004, the portion I found interesting was (emphasis mine);

These days, he says, he attends the 11 a.m. Sunday service at Trinity in the Brainerd neighborhood every week — or at least as many weeks as he is able. His pastor, Wright, has become a close confidant.

In November 2008, a full transcript of this interview was released on Beliefnet (emphasis mine).

Do you still attend Trinity?

Yep. Every week. 11 oclock service.

Ever been there? Good service.

I actually wrote a book called Dreams from My Father, it’s kind of a meditation on race. There’s a whole chapter on the church in that, and my first visits to Trinity.

It’s telling that “Every week. 11 oclock service. ” was edited to include “or at least as many weeks as he is able” when the article was actually published.

Again, I just found this addition interesting. The more time goes by in this Presidency, I can easily picture Obama sitting through Reverend Wrights’ rants and standing and clapping as Wright yelled G** D*** America. In fact, I can picture Obama himself making this statement.


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