US/UK Special Relationship Is A One-way Street

Once again Obama is showing complete disrespect to a Country that has long been considered our friend. One of the few Countries that has soldiers dying right next to ours.

Via the Telegraph:

The juxtaposition on our front page this morning is striking. We carry a photograph of Acting Sgt Michael Lockett – who was killed in Helmand on Monday – receiving the Military Cross from the Queen in June, 2008.  He was the 217th British soldier to die in the Afghan conflict. Alongside the picture, we read that the Prime Minister was forced to dash through the kitchens of the UN in New York to secure a few minutes “face time” with President Obama after five requests for a sit-down meeting were rejected by the White House.

What are we to make of this? This country has proved, through the bravery of men like Acting Sgt Lockett, America’s staunchest ally in Afghanistan. In return, the American President treats the British Prime Minister with casual contempt. The President’s graceless behaviour is unforgivable.

While I’m sure some of this rejection is due to the possible Libya/Britain oil ‘deal’, Obama is once again showing the world how quickly his ‘friends’ are thrown under the bus.

Obama may be upset about the “hero welcome” that the Lockerbie bomber received, however anyone that doesn’t believe that the US knew EXACTLY what was happening BEFORE it happened – is just being naive.


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