Who Said This? Hint – Not The ACLU

Via St. Louis Post:

“We want to not only condemn these acts of violence, but also to try and persuade the state’s attorney to file hate crime charges in this case.”

ACLU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson?? Nope, the White Supremacist groups.

It’s come to this – are these seriously the only people willing to stand up for a child that’s beaten because of his race?


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One response to “Who Said This? Hint – Not The ACLU

  1. gloucesterontheditch

    That’s media bias for you. Rather than identify who the group is that was seeking justice for the bus assault of blacks on a white student, a child, the media just lumps everthing in their bigoted bag of jargon, white supremacists.

    The only thing different between 1969 and 2009 is the degree of racial polarization. I used to be a champion for blacks, back in halcyon days of liberal dementia. Serving in the Army cured any of that naivete’. Welfare, classfare, and victimfare are the halmarks of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the whole spew of racial entitlements imperialism.

    That school bus assault was absolutely a racist incident and should be elevated to the hate crime it is.

    On a cheerier note, the IG for Treasury has agreed to commence a formal ‘review’ of ACORN. This has been the staging point for which all other parties in interest have deferred.

    ACORN may not know it yet but Treasury has just the thing needed to put a stake through the heart of the beast. My guess is that attorney Harshbarger was priviliged to this previous to his engagement by the Chief Executive Dupe Lewis.