American Flag Flew Over Fox Hole In Iraq

“I told him to sit here uncomfortable and think of those kids in that fox hole.”

Some of those kids didn’t come home.



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4 responses to “American Flag Flew Over Fox Hole In Iraq

  1. gloucesterontheditch

    Not to be on the wrong side of the story, but… detaining someone by duct taping them to a flagpole leaves that man and that VFW open to one huge looming law suit.

    I can only imagine what would have transpired if the beer-idiot had been a ‘person of color.’ In my estimation, there are two idiots in this story.

    If this sort of behavior is acceptable, then let it make precedent for an expanded variation on a theme, let’s have each congressional kowtow eunuch wear an identifying band on their sleeve so that all the world will know they are Pelosi servants!

    It would have been better for that vigilante VFW rogue to have called the police and let them charge the miscreant for appropriate adjudication.

    • speakmymindblog

      Normally I ‘might’ agree with you – however in this instance – the man in the video (Nick) said that he gave the guy a choice and this was the choice made. I’d wager that calling the police was one of the choices…………this guy wasn’t tackled and taped to the pole – he sat down and took his punishment – and hopefully learned some respect.

      Sorry – this makes me smile ;o)