Bank of America Suspends ACORN

Via Reuters:

Bank of America Corp has suspended its current commitments to ACORN Housing, an affiliate of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a scandal-hit U.S. liberal grassroots group, the Wall Street Journal said on Monday.

The banking company “will not enter into any further agreements with ACORN or any of its affiliates,” pending assessments of the organization’s operations, the paper quoted a Bank of America spokesman as saying.

Oh my – is this constitutional ;o)



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5 responses to “Bank of America Suspends ACORN

  1. Does my heart good good to see these vermin de-funded. It’s a damn good start on what has to be done to them and theirs to ensure that they are utterly destroyed and will no longer be a detriment to Americans.

  2. gloucesterontheditch

    Are we starting to see a little reverse application of the SEIU/ACORN boycott extortion technique? This will really upset Bawny Fwank 🙂

    Very good news for a Monday morning and hopefully the precursor to all the other ACORN hostages, aka kowtow banks, to follow suit.

    The next thing we need is a published list of SEIU businesses that Patriots, conservatives, and working folks can boycott.

    In Boston, the Hyatt is being boycotted by the SEIU and now 1,700 cabs have declared their solidarity to not pickup or deliver passengers from the Hyatt. This was retaliation for Hyatt dismissing about 100 overpaid SEIU slacker employees and replacing them with a service contract for the same services, at a lower cost, provided by a Georgia based firm.

    The racist governor, in solidarity with the union, ordered all state employees to avoid the Hyatt franchise in their official travel.

    Hyatt responded to the governor that his boycott proposal would result in the loss of well over another 1,000 jobs in Massachusetts. Leave it to a governator to interfere in a free market place and make it worse.

    Maybe ACORN will hire the discharged SEIU employees. Or, maybe they can be retrained to work for the new Georgia contractor! (yeah, that is a wee bit mean of me;-) )

  3. I think a list of the SEIU members would be a lot more useful to Americans. 😉

    • gloucesterontheditch

      “a list of the SEIU members”

      They are not real hard to spot out, especially those who take the tour busses to liberal events like town meetings, protests, voter registration events, demonstrations or up here, they put on matching red jerseys and hold signs up, standing behind the guard rails on traffic rotaries.

      The SEIU just got busted for trying to shake out a list from a state licensing board. It seems they wanted to identify all in home health care workers… probably to offer them a group health insurance program! How thoughtful.

      There used to a propaganda tune “always look for the union label…” who would have guessed that the union label would become a mark of the beast?

      Between the police union, firefighter union and teacher’s union, the budget for the City of Gloucester has almost no funds for any public services. It is becoming that way everywhere though California seems to have it the worst.

      So many entitlements, so few earned dollars left to tax. Tsk, tsk.