ACORN Is Like A Religious Group

Unbiased, factual reporting by The Boston Globe:

ANYONE who’s been surfing the right-wing blogosphere would mistake the activist group ACORN for a sinister force hell-bent on falsifying the US Census, registering nonexistent voters, and promoting underage prostitution. This caricature distorts the group’s intentions and overstates its influence.

Hmmmm. Sinister force hell-bent on falsifying the US Census, registering nonexistent voters, and promoting underage prostitution. O.K., well that part of the article is accurate ;o)

This made me laugh.

Still, the group insists that its public dollars aren’t mingled with money for political advocacy. Its position is similar to that of religious groups that take government money but vow not to proselytize. But as with the faith-based groups, ACORN’s separation of church and state can be difficult to monitor.

Religious groups and ACORN, sure I can see that comparison.

The national organization, which recently moved its headquarters from New Orleans to Washington, has 71 local affiliates, plus a number of like-minded but legally separate allied organizations such as ACORN Housing.

I thought I read somewhere that they have more than 300 ‘affiliates’ – guess I was wrong. They’re just “like-minded” organizations.



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3 responses to “ACORN Is Like A Religious Group

  1. gloucesterontheditch

    Guess they are clearing out of Elysian Fields (The abode of the blessed after death) for Ward 8 and the cover of Marion Barry!

    The NOLA house is so encumbered with liens that it will never, ever be available to Reverend Wade and Succubus Sisters Street Choir.

    Of course, there are plenty of folks in DC just chomping at the bit for statehood. All they really need now is ACORN to get out that vote and to lobby that Congress and a safe harbor to escape all those Attorneys General from all those states.

    DC, it’s not just for criminals, anymore.

    • speakmymindblog

      Can you imagine how empty DC would be if all criminals, lobbyists, corrupt government officials/aides and ACORN were removed – it’d be a ghost town.

      • gloucesterontheditch

        Amen! And can you imagine trying tell one group from the other?

        If you really want to see a circus in DC, check out Dupont Circle starting around 10pm. What a riot of obscure perversities.

        I was assigned to Walter Reed in the early 70s, DC was still a charming place in those days.

        It is a purely evil city now. Wretched.