Battle Hymn of The Messiah

A history lesson from Zo.



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14 responses to “Battle Hymn of The Messiah

  1. themadjewess

    This was sickening beyond belief.

  2. themadjewess

    I hope I posted in the right
    I like your blog, I added it 🙂

  3. speakmymindblog

    I truly believe there are more of “us” than “them”, we just have to keep pushing………….

    • themadjewess

      I do too, in fact, I believe that most of the people outside of the dumb American sheep were immigrants that have NO roots here.
      WAR is looming on the horizon.

  4. themadjewess

    You know, this is a trip… I have not met ONE person going across this nation, while traveling, that likes Obama- NOT ONE.
    The only people that like this abominable piece of sh*t are white trash, black ghetto,dumb blacks, Moslems and Chinese that have not even been here for 10 years, and all of these idiots are in NYC—figures. I have not met ONE AMERICAN yet.

    EVERY person here in AZ that I’ve met HATES this monster. They HATE him-worse than Bush, worse than Clinton. I dont believe that any real American likes Hussein, so, he needs to be impeached, we need to start just saying IMPEACH OBAMA NOW.

    • speakmymindblog

      Wow, you are mad today aren’t you ;o)

      I don’t think ‘color’ has much to do with the supporters of Obama – it’s ignorance. We as a country love ‘superstars’ and Obama has been packaged as a rock star. It helps that he lies so easily and ‘they’ have created an atmosphere of ‘white guilt’ that has worked (up to this point) for their chorus of racism………

      What ‘they’ didn’t count on was that most of the population is not racist and like me made a decision based on Obama’s lack of experience, liberalism (for those that could see through the rhetoric) and the fact that he doesn’t love this country – anyone that couldn’t see that during the campaign was blind. How could we have voted in a President that holds our country in such disdain?

      When they starting calling us racists – they might as well be calling us the ‘n’ word……………..

  5. themadjewess

    ‘I don’t think ‘color’ has much to do with the supporters of Obama – it’s ignorance’ I agree with that to some degree…but black people, in fact voted this monster BECAUSE of his color, and then they call US the ‘racists’

    You know Clinton was on Geraldo or King, cant remember, and he did something that I agreed with him about—FINALLY- he said when King accused US of being ‘racists’ that the right wing would hate Obama no matter what his color, I agree.

    For the first time, I finally let it go with Clinton the pig 🙂 & forgave THAT monster.

  6. speakmymindblog

    True, the black voters did vote for Obama because of his color – it’s just a fact. It seems though that there is some change of sentiment in every group that is paying attention. Or I’m just being a pollyanna ;o)

    There is a positive (in my opinion) that has come out of this. “Racist” has been such a powerful word for so long – a word that’s been used as a club or crutch. This is a word that has created wealth for the likes of Sharpton and Jackson – while they continued to recruit their ‘victims’. The over/incorrect use of this word is taking away it’s power…………..

  7. themadjewess

    ‘Or I’m just being a pollyanna ;o)’
    There is nothing wrong with hoping for the best, EVER.
    It is people that want the worst, just b/c they hate the Moslem-Hitler so bad, that can be a problem- IF he turned totally pro-American, I would probably change my stance, as would many people.

  8. speakmymindblog

    That’s a big IF and sadly I don’t see it ever happening. Obama really has a deep seeded hatred of this country……………