Government Public Option Shot Down – Not Over

Via the AP:

The 15-8 rejection marked a victory for Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the committee chairman, who is hoping to push his middle-of-the-road measure through the panel by week’s end. It also kept alive the possibility that at least one Republican may yet swing behind the overhaul, a key goal of both Baucus and the White House.

The votes fell out as follows;

All 10 Republicans on the committee voted against the proposal to allow the government to compete directly with insurance companies, Sen. Olympia Snowe among them. Democrats are hoping the Maine lawmaker will eventually break ranks with her party and support the legislation.

Also opposed were Baucus and fellow Democrats Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Bill Nelson of Florida and Tom Carper of Delaware.

This is far from over – we have to keep a close eye on this and keep calling your Congressmen.

I heard some interesting facts today from Rep. Jim Bunning (R-KY) as it relates to evil insurance companies profit. According to Bunning, the last quarter of reported profit margins lay out as;

Insurance Industry = 3.3%

Beer Companies = 18%

Cigarette Companies = 15.7%

Wireless Communications = 11.5%

Another tidbit – as of today Medicare has $37 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities……………………………

The Democrats still refuse to discuss allowing insurance companies to cross state lines and we still have no tort reform. If anyone in our government had any guts or really cared what the majority of the people want – they would;

  • Shelve ALL of these bills for a period of 2 years
  • Implement regulations that would immediately allow insurance companies to compete across state lines
  • Immediately implement the same tort reform that is working in Texas
  • Amend the HIPAA Law to immediately include individual policy holders
  • See if they can actually find the waste and fraud in Medicare during this period – prove it

None of these modifications would cost a penny. These changes would have a major impact on insurance costs to consumers, provide consumer protection (HIPAA) and show some good faith to the American people that they can actually save the money the ‘claim’ they can.

The plans they are currently working on won’t be effective for 5 years – give this 2 years – if it doesn’t work – pick up where you left off and change the 5 years effective date to 3 years.

Like I said if anyone had the guts………………or was actually working for us.


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